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​Key personnel

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Chief Science Officer

Prof. Jae-Young Koh
​Ulsan University Asan Medical Center

Asan Medical Center Neurology Professor MD
Stanford University PhD
Director of Asan Life Science Research Center, Director of Neurology at Asan Medical Center in Seoul
2017 | International Zinc Biology Society Frederickson Award 
2013 | Commendation from the Minister of Health and Medical Technology Promotion
2009 | Asan Medical Award
2006 | Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development National Scholarship
2001 | Outstanding National Medical Scientist Award
Science 6, Nature 1, J Neurosci 15, Neurobio Dis 13, etc.
Total 178 SCI, total citaion: 31,0347, H-index: 75​


Chief Technical Officer

Prof. Yang-Hee Kim
Department of Integrative Bioscience and Biotechnology, Sejong University

Neuroscience PhD, Seoul National University
Visiting Professor, Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute
Development of new materials for stroke and multiple sclerosis therapeutics
3 Korean patents registration, 2 Korean patents, and 2 PCTs application
1 European patent registration
Science 1, J Neurosci 1, Cell Death & Differ. 1, J Neurochem 5, etc.
Total 40 SCI(E), total citaion 1390, H-index 20


Chief Executive Officer

Sang Won Chung

Graduated from the Department of Molecular Biology, Seoul National University
Seoul National University Molecular Biology Master's Dropout
First-generation entrepreneurs in the game industry, such as Nexon CEO and Neowiz Vice President
Received the Stone Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit during tenure as CEO of Nexon
Fifa Online development attracts $100 million investment from Electronic Arts
Attracted 5.7 billion won investment from venture capital after establishment of Thingsoft
After selling Thingsoft to Nexon, he served as Vice President of Development​



Wonken Choung

Graduated from Korea University Department of Chemistry
UC Davis PhD (Organic Chemistry)
Senior Researcher, Crystal Genomics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry Team
Boryung Pharmaceutical Medical Chemistry Senior Researcher (Director Daewoo)
2019-2021 Technology Transaction Committee, Pharmaceutical Industry Technology Transaction Center

Anemia treatment L/O discovery, FDA clinical experience,. 2 tasks non-clinical secured


Scientific Advisor

Dennis W. Choi
Professor, SUNY Stony Brook

MD/PhD, Harvard Medical School

Assistant/Associate Professor, Stanford University (1983~1991)

Professor/Head of Neurology/Director, Washington University School of Medicine (1991~2001)

Executive Vice-President, Merck Research Lab (2001~2006)

Professor, Boston University (2006~2007)

Professor/Executive Director, Emory University (2007~2012)

Director, Stony Brook Neuroscience Institute (2012~2018)

Visiting Professor, Oxford University (2006~2009)

Visiting Distinguished Professor, KAIST (2008~2009)

Executive Vice President, Simons foundation (2010~2012)

Director-General, Brain Science Institute, KIST (2013~2016)

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